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PD Dr. Thomas Hofmeister
                      A photo of myself Chair computer science 2: Efficient algorithms and complexity theory
Chair computer science 5: Programming systems

I worked for the computer science chair 2 from 1989-2005 and chair 5 from 2005 to 2007 (in different positions, the last 8 years as a lecturer) and left the university then. Despite of this, you can still contact me via my email-address at Lehrstuhl Informatik 2, see the top of this page. I currently work as a bioinformatics group leader for the Life Sciences Solutions Group of Thermo Fisher Scientific:
Since people often ask me what it's all about, I recommend to visit Youtube and search for the keywords "Gene Synthesis by GeneArt". (Disclaimer: Not intended as an advertisement...) You will find a 4:11 min video and in some places you can also get glimpses of the software I'm responsible for.

Lectures and other events 1989-2007

(Would you believe we already used the WWW from 1993 on? We did, see e.g. here: 1994

(Continuing in German now...)

Wintersemester 2006/07

  • Blockseminar Effiziente Algorithmen in der Praxis
  • Vorlesung Approximationsalgorithmen
  • Übungen zu "Approximationsalgorithmen"
  • Folien zu den DAP1-Vorlesungen vom 14./16.11.2006: - nicht mehr verfügbar -

    Sommersemester 2006

  • Vorlesung Bioinformatik
  • Blockseminar Bioinformatik
  • Proseminar EADS
  • Proseminar Kryptographie

    Wintersemester 2005/06

  • Extramaterial zu DAP1 (momentan nur Extrafolien).
  • Blockseminar "Effiziente Algorithmen in der Praxis"

    Sommersemester 2005

  • EAKT mit Schwerpunkt EA
  • Proseminar Bioinformatik
  • Proseminar Effiziente Algorithmen und Datenstrukturen
  • Globalübungsgruppe zu EAKT

    Veranstaltungen Wintersemester 04/05 und früher

    List of published papers

    "Curriculum Vitae"

    • Qualifications
    • Diploma Nov. 1989 (Diploma Thesis Title: 'The critical complexity of some basic Boolean functions' (in German))
    • PhD. June 1993 (PhD Thesis Title: 'Small-depth threshold circuits' (in German))
    • Habilitation April 1999 (Habil Title: 'Some Efficient Algorithms for Computing Combinatorial Objects')
    • Scientist/lecturer at university of Dortmund 1989-2000.
    • Visiting professor at the chair for "Theoretische Informatik und Informationssicherheit" at Chemnitz University from April - September 2000.
    • Lecturer at university of Dortmund 2000-2007.
    • Scientist bioinformatics/group leader bioinformatics at Geneart/LIFEtech/Thermo Fisher Scientific, since 2007.