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Simon Fischer

address: Universität Dortmund
Informatik 2
Baroper Str. 301
44221 Dortmund
office:Campus Süd
Geschossbau IV (Baroper Str. 301)
Room 332
phone:+49 231 755 4762
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Fingerprint: D5A7 E6B3 AAF8 6F3E CAB2 C2D7 9C50 2BD2 3D45 6129
Simon Fischer

Research and Teaching

I am interested in

I worked on

  • Yale - Yet Another Learning Environment. Yale is a flexible, operator based environment for conducting data mining experiments. It is written in Java and distributed under the GPL. It was started as part of the Collaborative Research Center 531 "Computational Intelligence" and I worked on it when I was a student assistant at the AI unit in Dortmund.
  • FreeHEP is a Java library designed for use in high energy physics and distributed under the LGPL. I worked on FreeHEP when I was a summer student at CERN (Geneva, Switzerland) in 2001. FreeHEP is now mainly developed at SLAC (Stanford, US).

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